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Demographic information is well researched and easily found on the Internet and in books. There are some great sites for this topic. My personal favorite will give you an age-sex pyramid for nearly any country in the world, and put it into motion so you can see how the structure of the society changes over time. You can find this site at the US Census Bureau, IDB Population Pyramids. This is the Internet at its best, and doing something that books can't do - provide a dynamic result. I built my age-sex pyramids from data collected from this site as well.

Of course, the US Census Bureau is one of the single best places to look for demographic data, but you might be surprised by how many other places there are to look.

I used the SPC (Secretariat of the Pacific Community) Population / Demography Programme for some of my analytics in this section. The site is a remarkable location for information about the South Pacific Islands. You can find it at http://www.spc.org.nc/ on the Internet.

I also used http://sixthsense.osfc.ac.uk/geography/ which is at the Geography Department at Oldham Sixth Form College. In addition to a variety of topics in geography, you can find a very nice discussion of both the demographic transition and age-sex pyramids.

For discussion of the "missing girls'' problem in China, you might take a look at China Population Information and Research Center (CPDRC). This site also has a discussion of population aging in China, and many population policy papers.

If you want to do some reading on carrying capacity, you might try http://www.ecofuture.org/pop/info.html which is part of EcoFuture. There are many other sites as well, but you should be forewarned that most sites related to carrying capacity tend to have a point of view, and may need to be recognized as such.

If you are interested in Africa's status and development prospects, you should go to the African Development Bank http://www.afdb.org. The site is the clearinghouse for information about African economic data and analysis. For the world economy as a whole, The World Bank should be given a good look. It is at http://www.worldbank.org/ and is one of the premier development research facilities in the world.